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18e-oct-2008 01:19 am - NEW ACCOUNT

hey guys, i created a new account, so if u wanna friend me right there i'd love u forever, tis ytumamatb and well, tis kind of my dark side lol i'm not bipolar! it's just that...oh well! just read it, too long to explain twice xD

lol k, that'd do.

btw, i'm STILL POSTING HERE, tho i have the feeling that at some point in the future i'll stop using this journal...but that'd b a long time, after i upload all my pics to the other account xD i have like 4000, no kidding lol

have huggies *huggies*
13e-oct-2008 11:45 pm(pas de sujets)

Stolen from [info]deftonsita :
Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about, it can be anything from my house to my room to my favorite book. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the following post.

 *giggles* :)
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6e-oct-2008 08:18 am - BAYERN

i cannot count all the times i've sung the chant of Stern des Sudens but right now i feel like throwing up all the words in our sweet anthem. we're Bayern...BAYERN! that word alone means a lot; we can't b sold, it's like...omg Kahn! *dies* i never expected such thing from such a honourable and fierce man...

i really wish people would not know this AT ALL, but everyone has the right to read n b informed about all the BS that is happening in our football community *sighs* here, kill me please...


 *sighs* right now i feel like:
-i wanna quite lovong this club (won't happen, it's just a feeling)
-i've lost my faith in human race
-we are so cheap
-i wanna cry *pout*
-i wanna slap Hitzfeld
-aaaaaaaaaaand o dear lord! why my team? WHY?! *cries*

have huggies *huggies*

25e-sep-2008 10:22 am - MU...

ok, i'm gonna fail my algebra test, it's a fact. i studied...but somehow translations of german books in math r not always that good :( i wish i could just pay the least attention to Mr. Kruse...he's like gone though; last time he entered to a different room to teach US, n they say he was like..."hmmm this room has changed" like wtf?! omg i'll have to do a great effort to pay attention to his lossons...hope it works.

anyway, i'm not here to talk about math (which i hate), the thing is that while i was "studying" in the library i couldn't help looking at this book "Manchester *read on* Unlimited" i didn't know if i should've laughed or feel offended, at the end i did both lol

it's this cheeky little piece of shite translated to yankee (cause that was certainly not the spelling of british...) about how we "rise and rise" (i think we're kind of falling at the moment but wtv). i think the author of the book is some, yeah, this is the funny part, SUN REPORTER!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahaha pleassssssssssssse! do not read that sort of things, do not read the sun, it's shite, it's the worst demonstration of phallacies printed in a...can we call it professional level loooooooooool srsly... if u're a sun journalist, just don't say it.

the book dares to talk about Fergie and Best in the most relaxed way ever, they even pressume they know their secret conversations n actually QUOTE them talking lol. i read... blah blah blah "...................." said Ferguson, n swear i was like omg hahahah so u actually listened to a conversation of the most important ppl of Man Utd AND got the time to memorize it or record it...hmm quite interesting huh.

i know i said DO NOT read the book, but now i change my mind READ IT, it'll make u ppl pee on ur pants.

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23e-sep-2008 02:22 pm - M&F
i was assigned to read this for hw and LOLed all the way, in fact, let me do it once more looooooooool ahem...so, it's quite interesting n funny, thought u ppl'd like to b a bit culturized (lol as if...) while reading something fun :D

man nor rat can properly fold the laundry

Are you a male, or a female? To find out, take this scientific quiz:

Your department is on a tight deadline for developing a big sales proposal, but you've hit a snag on a key point. You want to go one way; a co-worker named Bob strongly disagrees. To break the deadlock, you:

a. Present your position, listen to the other side, then fashion a workable compromise.
b. Punch Bob.

2. Your favourite team is about to win the championship, but at the last second the victory is stolen away by a terrible referee's call. You:

a. Remind yourself that it's just a game, and that there are far more important things in your life.
b. Punch Bob again.

HOW TO SCORE: If you answered "b" to both questions, then you are a male.

I base this statement on a recent article in The New York Times about the way animals, including humans, respond to stress.
According to the article, a group of psychology researchers have made the breakthrough discovery that - prepare to be astounded - males and females are different.

The researchers discovered this by studying both humans and rats, which are very similar to humans except that they are not stupid enough to purchase lottery tickets. The studies show that when males are under stress, they respond by either fighting or running away (the so-called "fight or flight" syndrome); whereas females respond by nurturing others and making friends (the so-called "tend and befriend" syndrome).

This finding is big news in the psychology community, which apparently is located on a distant planet. Here on Earth, we have been aware for some time that males and females respond differently to stress. We know that if two males bump into each other, they will respond like this:

FIRST MALE: Hey, watch it!
SECOND MALE: No, YOU watch it!
FIRST MALE: Oh yeah?
(They deliberately bump into each other again.)

Two females, in the identical situation, will respond like this:
FIRST FEMALE: I'm sorry!
FIRST FEMALE: Say, those are cute shoes!
(They go shopping.)

If the psychology community needs further proof of the difference between genders, I invite it to attend the party held in my neighbourhood each Halloween. This party is attended by several hundred small children, who are experiencing stress because their blood streams - as a result of the so-called "trick or treat" syndrome - contain roughly the same sugar content as Cuba.

Here's how the various genders respond:
The females, 97 percent of whom are dressed as either a ballerina or a princess, sit in little social groups and exchange candy.
The males, 97 percent of whom are dressed as either Batman or a Power Ranger, run around making martial-arts noises and bouncing violently off each other like crazed subatomic particles.

Here are some other gender-based syndromes that the psychology community might want to look into:
The "laundry refolding" syndrome: This has been widely noted by both me and a friend of mine named Jeff. What happens is, the male will attempt to fold a piece of laundry, and when he is done the female, with a look of disapproval, will immediately pick it up and re-fold it so that it is much neater and smaller. "My wife can make an entire bed sheet virtually disappear," reports Jeff.

The "inflatable-pool-toy" syndrome: From the dawn of human civilisation, the task of inflating the inflatable pool toy has always fallen to the male.

It is often the female who comes home with an inflatable pool toy the size of the Hindenburg, causing the youngsters to become very excited. But it is inevitably the male who spends two hours blowing the toy up, after which he keels over with skin the colour of a Smurf, while the kids, who have been helping out by whining impatiently, leap joyfully onto the toy, puncturing it immediately.

I think psychology researchers should find out if these syndromes exist in other species. They could put some rats into a cage with tiny pool toys and miniature pieces of laundry, then watch to see what happens. My guess is that there would be fighting. Among the male researchers, I mean. It's a shame, this male tendency toward aggression, which has caused so many horrible problems, such as war and ice hockey. It frankly makes me ashamed of my gender.

I'm going to punch Bob.

i really do the "no, it was my fault" in the man utd comm xD
.MUAK. love u ppl
have huggies *huggies*
23e-sep-2008 08:07 am(pas de sujets)
Happy B-Day
Hope u have a super day full of *checks cable guide* Chelsea vs G de Bordeaux and... yeah, that's pretty much it *facepalm* IF u have this ESPN

have huggies *huggies*
20e-sep-2008 07:48 am - team! :D

looooooooooool idk what i did with this, i basically mutilated my first field with capi Rau-rau, but second team of capi Del Piero...dude, if u say it will lose i'm gonna kick someone's ass grrrrrrrrr hahahah
my respects to the managers of every team, i did shit n think my brain is gonna explode, they do not n r still alive.

btw, if i resize the little shit right here it'll b all blury so... u guys just click on it xD sorry, i know we're all lazy but, it's worth it...mayb lol

have huggies *huggies*



19e-sep-2008 10:58 am - quick post
no lo puero cree-er!!!!!!! *runs in circles* no s posible q, osea... aggggggg *focuses* ok... la cosa sta asi: (odio este teclaod d mie- dl college maldita sea, xq no compran mejores cosas? q creen, q la U s gratis? no-o! agggg como los odiooooooooo y saben q s lo peor? ok, les digo (ya c q aman saber mas y mas d mi :)
hay un chico n la clase d ingles (gracias al cielo q nadie mie- ntiend sto lol) q m gusta...weno, no m gusta gusta, solo...aggg ok! LO AMO ajajaja ok, no exageremos xD la vdd s q crei q yo le gustaba, pro weno... no c la vdd, osea..(te maldigo muletilla) hoy vino con u(x favor no m maten x decir sto) una camiseta d football *drools* so i went like...jajaj t gusta el football y blah blah blah y resulta q s part aleman...y era la cami d alemania *puppy eyes* lo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaximo, lo ame! y resulta q ace una semana el era como q... 0  onda, no c xq m ablas, ni sikiera m acuerdo d TU nombre...y ahora s como q...diosssssssssss te amo te amo teamo! jajaja ich liebe dich? lol y weno... creo q deberia d aparar con eso.
ya c lo q stan pensando, ok, le gusta el football, y que? weno...resulta q cuando vives n yankeeland y no ncuentras a nadie culto n la materia comienzas a re-valorarlo. s un lujo tener un novio al q le guste y n realidad sepa d football, aggg eso m ace recordar, a la mitad d la conversa su amigo dijo... les gusta Beckham? *sighs* la vdd s q nos reimos x esa pregunta...y n realidad s lo q 100pre vas a scuchar n AZ (nadie me contradiga!!!). tal ignorancia...pobrecitos *hugs them all*
asi que... no kiero q m guste este chico xq weno... creo q solo me gusta xq tiene eso q tanto anyoro d SA y... eso no sta bn, osea...s como q m guste cualkiera d mis amigos d ahi y... agggggggggg necesito viajar... *looks at the calendar* tres meses mas! POR FAVOR!!!! ya tengo q irmeeeeeeeee y luego, a espanya en diciembre...y anyo nuevo... Paris *fancies* jajaja ...va n serio.

P.D.: (asi c abrevia?) me acabo d dar cuenta d q mi gramatica sta hasta las huevas! asi q lo siento mucho, mil discuspals peroooooooo estoy apu, asi q //tal vez// corrija esto cuando llegue a casa, pero lo dudo *giggles* sean lindos y no m odien.

have huggies *huggies*
18e-sep-2008 09:08 am(pas de sujets)
Madrid's game yesterday... who did that to poor sweet Gago? :( i just changed the chanel in that one part (Historias de Ultratumba FTW) and when i put the game back on poor Gago made that same sign Zizou chou-chou made in the final of the WC to leave the field; that was the moment when i knew somekthing was going wrong. so... what happened to him? *runs in circles* i swear, when i saw him walking out of the pitch i saw him crying, n i cried, and we all cried. poor my boys! why do they have to mess with their sweet little muscles? hope he gets better and that it is nothing serious.

anyway...WE WON! whooooo lol ok, not for much, i think we could have definitely done better. 2-0 was quite easy with that team (sorry, i just had to say that) but OMG i am really grateful Van der Vaart did not score. i love him, don't get me wrong, it's just that... well, he's married, and looks soooooooooo hot when he celebrates, i can't help thinking on all the nasty things i'd do to him lol.

in other news, i am still wishing a ball to hit Sergio right in the face so that he can recover his old nose, i miss it :( i know, i know, that'll hurt but... it's worth it.

oh and Man Utd. WHAT HAPPENED?! i was like...yeah, we're gonna win 3-1 OMG i won't lose my faith, but srsly, we need to step that up asap. and Fergie knows it... he knows it VERY well, in fact, idk if it's just me, but he seems a bit worried by how the team is doing so far. good news are: RONALDO was just awesome, he could have scored, yeah, but he decided to share... he'll be more egoist next time.. for good. our boys were just...idk if out of shape, but something is not good, and whatever it is, we better fix it, i know we will. next game is with Liverpool Chelsea huh o________________o faith, what else?

have huggies *huggies*
10e-sep-2008 04:07 pm(pas de sujets)
Happy B-day
*runs in circles*

lol hope u have a super hot (not literally) day, have fun n presents, n if Argie wins the South American qualifiers today... i'm gonna blame u :D jk lol love u, pasala de lo lindo aguardente</lj>  :)

have huggies *huggies*
2e-sep-2008 08:45 am(pas de sujets)

digdigil just_jenni


have a nice day :D

2e-sep-2008 08:24 am - with all the respect they deserve

so when i first heard some (actually read on msn) say "Robinho's going to Man City" i was like WFT u're freaking kidding me dude. well....now i wish i knew what the F was HE thinking *runs in circles* srsly, Robi does not want to b there, i know it better than i know i dislike Bush, and omg, what is he thinking about?!

thing is my former Madrid sweetheart wanted to go to Chelsea...yeah, we all knew that looooooooooong ago, but sweet Calderon didn't want him to, a couple of days b4 this he finally said, if Robinho wants to leave, then we'll see :) so that was nice, what might Robi had said to him to make him change his mind xD we'll never know. anyway, so now he's not going to Chelsea but to Manchester City?! omg what a sudden change, can u believe it?! me, i...ok, i can, but just bc i think he's doing it to piss Calderon and at some point (really close to the present) leave for Chelsea, so i srsly don't see the point in bothering the Man City fans by making them believe he actually wants to b there, it's just one his little strategies, ask his managers for god's sake *sighs*.

i will always love my freaking heart-breaker Robi, he might not b quite my type in looks but damn, when a guy touches the football like that then u start wondering how well they can fuck (yeah, i actually relate those 2 activities). i swear i'd so love him to keep playing in Madrid n see more of Robi/Guti lol but hell, he decided not to, and i'm not gonna hate him for that, it is impossible xD he's just too much of a love to do that, n we all know i'll always love him... while he keeps on the Brasil NT looooooool jk, ahem...always :)

have huggies *huggies*

29e-aoû-2008 03:36 pm(pas de sujets)

Alright, i know i'm not used to b cereal right here, but this is SERIOUS STUFF. I was just killing some time in the hate meme ([info]hatememe2340) and i think i found out something quite interesting.

So... rumour has it this very controversial community named football_secret has some nice little people who keep bugging arround, question is, why? and, do they actually have no lives? well the answers r more than obvious! they bug bc they have no lives... oh there we go! :D probably our little maintainers should give us a hit n tell us who the F we r dealing with, cause i bet there is more than one of us who has those so called "friends" commenting anonymously n saying shit bout them (tho i bet that is just not my case, i trust u all guys), or just erase the little annoying, insulting and rude comments. well here's my theory: maintainers like this, they like so much their little spice in the dinner of their comm i am starting to think they contribute in great part to the bugging, and isn't it interesting how u find urself sometimes bugged by more than one anonymous? dude, those guys do know each other... *cough* maintainers *cough*

once again, this is just my very humble theory, i might b wrong *cough* NOT *cough* :) but i just wanted to tell u ppl i love u all even tho i might not comment very frequently in ur journals, and that i'd nv say shit bout u n u know u got m on ur side at anytime, alrighty :) and if u ppl r curious, i will keep on writing as if i was text msm (LOL), give up free huggies ALL the time ( i know u love them) and b freaking ultra-sweet n cheerful as always... i'm happy alli, as always :)

have huggies *huggies*

28e-aoû-2008 08:28 am(pas de sujets)


ahhh. u're not underage anymore *dances* now we can say shit bout sex with annie xD n welcome to my world, no more fancing underage players...it has its ups n downs, i know :(

 here, Torres loves you.

have huggies *huggies*

1er-mai-2008 06:52 pm - Fun meme! :D
 Stolen from:

Pick one player from each team, who you would sleep with... that's right... even the teams you hate! You must pick, you can't skip a team. You can give reasons for your choices if you wish.

-Sporting de Lisboa
-Man Utd
-Real Madrid
-Atl de Madrid
-Juventus (i know u were waiting for this one *eg*)
-Olypique de Marseille
-Paris Saint Germain

lol ok that's my list, i don't even know who i'm fucking myself.

In other news, I CANNOT BELIEVE BAYERN LOST, i refuse to *runs in circles* this is like some sort of nightmare...someone pinch me. http://www.uefa.com/competitions/uefacup/fixturesresults/round=15123/match=301973/index.html 4-0 MEIN GOTT. this is unconceivable. my only relief is that this was, in my opinion, Kahn's fault. i just wanted the treble to see him happy for once, but i guess he decided to just not take it, so if u screw something u deserved by ur own, well, then mayb u don't quite deserve it. i still love my sweet German, guess he'll just not make it in his last season, but better years he's seen, and he shall go with the memory of those that were worthwhile, and leaving the team with an untouchable aura that's to be rememberred for years, after all, not every goalkeeper wins the award of best player of the WC every 4 years...

And i don't want to leave this post with a sad new...well, not sad for those supporters of Zenit, of course. Anyway, the final is in Moscow, and United...Chelsea...passports please, cause we're going to Russia ppl! *thinks* mayb i should've posted this yesterday... lol whatever, i think Chelsea deserved to go, just bc of Frankie, and Torres definitely made history with that only Liverpool goal in Chelsea's field...snaps for Ferni! *throws cookies* poor lil dude was dying in the bench when they took him out :(

have huggies *huggies*
13e-avr-2008 11:28 am(pas de sujets)
 I made a drawing of Messi :) 
lol u guys, i was bored! *pretends not to have 18*

have huggies *huggies*
8e-avr-2008 08:19 pm - UCL
ok, so tomorrow's the big day. we all know United will win (sorry Roma), but what i wanted to talk about is the Barcelona game. i'll give u guys some cute facts anyway...

Man Utd vs Roma:
-100th game for our sweet Goalie! *cheers* he'll get his gift ;)
-poor sweet Rio'll b on the bench bc he got sweety hurty :( but i know he'll b back very, very soon. Giggsy will not b playing either, but Fergie keeps up his hopes :D
-Totti's stayed in Roma, he'll not b in Old Trafford in any way. 
-ppl say Pizarro will b quite a threat, i say BRING IT ON BITCHES!!!!!! ahem...lapsus :)

Bacelona vs Schalke:

lets start with Barca...well, lets better say EVERYTHING about them (n if i miss something, please feel free to tell me). 

Dude! Rijkaard's got issues!!!!!!!! *runs in circles* he's got like this whole bench of sickness, half of the team is hurt. clearly, his team's a hospital, make it official n post it in the Spanish diaries. poor coach, over all, has this whole arsenal of threats, think they wanna kick him off job *backs*; so, obviously, he'll just have too much pressure over him, n pressure=desperation, desperation=worst weapon to win ever. n the third one, well, this might b something good or bad; Barca puts all their hopes in a 17 year old boy, n yeah, we all know who the underage kid is (underage...feel so powerful now). he can do it, Bojan can definitely kick buts, but watch him, don't get him hurt, buy AIG! so yeah, u better take care of that one guy, n whatever u do Rijkaard, don't feed him w/ peanut butter, chocolate and red bull in one same meal.

moving on, i won't say shit bout Schalke bc i'm just not familiarized AT ALL w/ them, i just know sweet Kutanyi's there n that i'd fuck him if he just asked for it, so i leave it to ur imagination...please don't lynch me! oh, n i saw puyol on tv today!...he wasn't speaking catalan ... n no, he didn't say anything u don't know yet.

have huggies *huggies*
3e-avr-2008 09:10 pm - Randomness

u guys, i'm 18 since some days ago... so, i was am watching the California classic (LA Galaxy vs San Jose), and since the first goal was totally annulled, even though it was a nice no-offside play by the SJ boys, i was like really mad n started with my classical monologue of "u guys, this is shit, this is the kind of things that makes me wrinkle and blah blah blah", so the only thing that calms that is a supplement of alcohol, so i was like...ok, wine's gone...heineken! :D then i drank, 5 seconds later...omg! this is my first legal drink! i love u Holland! fuck me Van Nistelrooy! *runs in circles* n lol it was retarded but wtf? i know i wanna buy a box of lucky strike with my brand new ID...not for me of course, just decoration 4 the 1920s activity we'll have...we're gonna dress up for history class :D .
Moving on, Becks scored in that one game, the first goal, pretty early. i do think it was offside, i do think it was unfair n that the ref was totally bought, but whatever, we're winning anyway, n yeah, i like LA Galaxy... oh and...was the Galaxy coach eating a sandwich? oO dude, that's insane! if u've ever form part of a footy team u'll see what i mean, cause with all that tenssion u can hardly chew gum, n Fergie deserves some claps for having the balls to endure such an activity while being in the stadium *claps*

Also, i've just noticed this is my first post since i'm not underage!!!!!!!! lol ok this deserves a celebration *turns on music player* *dances* *turns it off* ahem... love u guys :) 

have huggies *huggies*

22e-mar-2008 04:27 pm(pas de sujets)
Got around to doing this, tagged by the lovely </a></b></a>soliloquy88

5 things found in your bag:
1. cell phone
2. candy :D
3. headphones
4. lipstick
5. sunglasses

5 favorite things in your room:
1. clothes
2. kaka's pics
3. laptop
4. hot hollister guy's picture
5. makeup

5 things you've always wanted to do:
1. fuck roni
2. hug david silva
3. touch gaby's hair
4. kiss ballack
5. have a nice evening w/ Kahn, Mourinho n Puyol at the same time...lets see if they kill each other ;)

5 things you're currently into:
1. Football
2. Clueless
3. msn
4. war n peace
5. shopping

5 person you want to tag:
For Anyone who pleases

have huggies *huggies*
13e-mar-2008 05:01 pm(pas de sujets)
 Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.
Afterwards, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own. 

my letter, awarded by sweet  </a></font></a>alor  , was L...so here comes loves...

"L"ist :P ...

-Love :D
-Les Bleus! *cheers*
-Leo Tolstoy, saving my pretty boring vacations! :P
-Legrottaglie :)
-La Liga
-Lucio! :D
-Luxury :)

dude, that was difficult xD

have huggies *huggies*
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